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The Precision Engineering Complex (PEC), PIA's youngest division, was created in 1978 to manufacture products for the commercial aviation industry. Today, the PEC is a world-class manufacturing enterprise, powered by state-of-the-art machinery and technology, and an exceptional team of engineers and technicians.

The PEC is a reliable supplier to Boeing Commercial Airplane Group of USA, SNECMA of France, General Electric Aircraft Engine of USA, Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus (formerly Deutsch Aerospace) of Hamburg, and Fisher Advanced Composite Components (FACC) of Reid, Austria. The PEC has earned these contracts through transparent, competitive bidding, and by adhering to consistent Quality Standards and on-time delivery. Supplying products for the assembly lines of global aviation heavyweights has garnered prestige and international recognition for the PEC and it has emerged as a truly great corporation.

Amongst the PEC's myriad achievements, was the manufacture of a series of metallic parts, that are used for attaching overhead stowage compartments with the interiors of A320/A321 aircraft. These parts were commissioned by the FACC of Austria in 1993 and the PEC took up the manufacturing challenge, resulting in many more contracts over the years.

The unflinching support of PIA's Logistics and Procurement divisions, over the years, has enabled the PEC to acquire raw materials from FACC-approved sources in Europe and North America. This backing has truly helped the PEC to fulfill its mission of making one-time deliveries to global customers.