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Press Release, October 15, 2015

Karachi; October 15, 2015

In the aviation maintenance business on time delivery of the aircraft especially after the heavy maintenance check is on the key performance indicators. Recently, heavy maintenance check 2C on Pak Navy ATR-72 aircraft was accomplished at PIA Engineering & Maintenance (E & M) Islamabad base. The engineering team honored Pak Navy request for earliest delivery of aircraft and achieved the check completion with its finesse skills in stipulated time frame of mere 17 working days.

PIA (E & M) continues to provide minor to major ranging maintenance services to Pakistan Navy on a healthy business platform for years. PIA (E & M) workforce continue striving for the streamlined process starting from aircraft docks-in to on time dock out.

Apart from business prospects, conducting this major check on ATR72 series aircraft, will not only give PIA an opportunity to enhance the level of its capability from ATR42 series aircraft but also gave chance to handle own ATR72-500 aircraft recently inducted in the fleet by the vision of the top management.

This visionary initiative to offer services to third party customers is helping in generation of additional revenues for the airline against lucrative business ventures. Acquiring such businesses from third party customer not only has monetary benefits for the national flag bearer, but at the same time, further strengthens the building relationships between the two companies. The maintenance activity resulted in prospective revenue earning of around PKR 10 Million to Pakistan International Airline thereby save the foreign exchange spending of our defence forces.

PIA management highly appreciated the extra efforts put in by the PIA Engineering & Maintenance ISB on this occasion.