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Engineering Solutions for a Quality, Safety, and Cost Conscious Aviation Industry

PIA Engineering is an established Aircraft Maintenance and Repair organization that provides world-class solutions to the aviation industry. PIA's Engineering Base, head-quartered at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, is acclaimed as one of Asia's best. Strategically located for the convenience of airlines whose operations extend to Asia, it is equipped with the most advanced, modern aircraft maintenance and overhaul facilities and is manned by a team of highly trained personnel.

PIA Engineering delivers maintenance and overhauling services for customers as well as PIA's fleet of aircraft in accordance with the maintenance schedule approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan and the European Aviation Safety Agency (under PCAA approval).

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Technical Excellence, Competitive Rates, Proven Ability

PIA Engineering's sustained commitment and ability to meet customer needs has long been a source of attraction for regional airlines that require aircraft maintenance support. PIA Engineering has now started maintaining the assets of airlines of European origin - giving the organization global recognition for its unbeatable quality, reliability and performance.