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Base Maintenance

Are you looking for cost-effective and high quality Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services for your airline fleet?

Entrust PIA Engineering, approved MRO with the most extensive maintenance capabilities, with your engineering and maintenance requirements. Our clientele comprises of large numbers of international operators and our experience of over 50 years enables us to find the right solutions for all your operational and maintenance needs. Our services are tailored to your airline's needs. Our highly qualified engineering personnel offer comprehensive engineering services, backed up by excellent equipment and systems. We have sufficient aircraft support dock installations in the hangars, as well as trained manpower and tooling, to undertake simultaneous work on various types of aircraft in your fleet, around the clock.

We offer Base Maintenance services in the following areas:

Base Maintenance Checks

BOEING 747-300 RR RB211 - -
BOEING 747-200 GE CF6
BOEING 777-200 GE90 - - -
BOEING 737-300 CFM56 - - -
AIRBUS A310-300 GE CF6
PW 4152
- -
QBC - Quarter Base Check MBC - Mid Base Check




  • Ageing Aircraft Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP)
  • Supplemental Structural Inspection (SSI)

Lap Joint Modifications

PIA Engineering is one of the pioneers in Asia to undertake this major modification. The ACOH facility has now been fully developed for the Lap Joint Modification on the B-737. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers have successfully completed this endeavor.


Structural Modifications

The Base Maintenance team is backed up with a state-of-the art Structure Repair Shop which can perform repairs on individual structural components of aircraft and also has the capability to develop repair schemes.


Avionics Modifications

PIA Engineering has been involved in all the recent aircraft retrofit programs, based on new requirements; such as TCAS-II, SUPERAHARS, GPS, EGPWS 8,33 kHz VHF, RVSM, and B-RNAV. With a group of avionics modification specialists, no installation job or STC implementation is too large or too complex for us. We have successfully completed a full installation of the MAS -2000E and also have in-house expertise in MAS-3000E installations and other In Flight Entertainment solutions.



Our Base Maintenance team offers comprehensive aircraft painting services, including but not limited to:

  • Sign Painting
  • Decals
  • Placards
  • Drawing of Logos
  • Engraving of Cockpit Instrument Panels
  • Write-ups in the Interior & Exterior of Aircrafts

Line Maintenance

Our highly skilled Line Maintenance team in Karachi undertakes and releases the full range of cabin tasks and In Flight Entertainment (IFE) checks during transit, along with regular transit tasks for Boeing 777, 747, 737 and Airbus A310, A300 B4, Fokker F-27, and ATR-42, under CAA Pakistan. Our Line Maintenance division is backed by extensive shop support and substantial stocks of spare parts inventory and is amongst the region's most experienced facilities.

As part of our Line Maintenance services, PIA Engineering also maintains the appearance and quality of your aircraft's cabin and exterior. Our Line Maintenance facilities cover the complete range of an aircraft's routine maintenance and inspection requirements. We have sufficient aircraft support dock installations in 4 hangars with the requisite trained manpower and tooling to undertake simultaneous work on various types of aircraft in your fleet, around the clock.

PIA Engineering offers excellent Line Maintenance at all International/Commercial airports in Pakistan and large numbers of line stations around the globe.


Power Plant and Overhaul

PIA's Power Plant Shops offer comprehensive repair, overhaul modification, testing and calibration services for a range of aircraft engines and APUs such as:

Engine / APU Type Capabilities
CF6-50C2 / E2 HSI MC MO OH
RB211-524 BSI  -  -  -
CF6-80C2A8 BSI MC  -  -
PW4152 / 4156 BSI  -  -  -
GE90-94 / GE90-115B BSI  -  -  -


MC Module Change
MO Module Overhaul
OH Overhaul
BSI Boroscopic Inspection
HSI Hot Section Inspection


PIA Engineering's Engine Overhaul Workshop is acclaimed as one of the most modern and best equipped engine repair and overhaul facilities in the region. Spread over an area of 9,072 square meters, the workshop offers high-class plating facilities; both manual, as well as robotic plasma flame spray. The Engine Overhaul Workshop also includes a heat treatment shop with a vacuum heat treatment facility.

An independent machine shop, attached to the Engine Overhaul Workshop, is equipped with several precision machines used for the repair and modification of engine components during the overhaul process.

A key feature of the Engine Overhaul Workshop is the jet engine test facility, designed to test aero engines up to a maximum capacity of 100,000 lbs thrust, airflow of 3,000 lbs/sec and an engine weight of 15,000 lbs.

The test cell has recently been upgraded with a cutting-edge test cell data acquisition system, the ASE2000. The ASE2000 can be used to accommodate all FADEC/EEC powered engines.


Engine Condition Monitoring

PIA Engineering develops and maintains engine reliability and engine oil analysis programs for the engines and APUs shown in the table above. 24/7 support services are also provided for operators in any geographical location.


Maintenance & Operations Control (MOC)

The Maintenance & Operations Control Division offers comprehensive planning, materials, repairs, and logistics services to the highest international standards. The MOC Division is powered by fully-integrated computer systems to ensure efficient scheduling, administration, monitoring and control of maintenance activities, as well as cost-effective management of spares, equipment and resources.

Engineering Automation provides information system solutions to all divisions enabling functional integration, resource optimization and technical reliability improvements. Being in a standardized technical environment and using common a information architecture based on IBM SNA, this shared network approach has resulted in enhanced user systems to improve fleet dispatch reliability performance. In addition, the division conducts time and motion studies to develop consolidated man-hour plans for all the sections of the PIA Engineering Complex, ensuring optimal utilization of human resources during critical projects.

MOC coordinates core departments and external handling agencies to ensure prompt aircraft turnaround times with minimum technical delays, using the latest, state-of-the-art systems. MOC plays a pivotal role in aircraft on-ground situations that require skilled and dynamic responses. MOC provides support around the clock, with dedicated engineering personnel who liaise closely with operational departments and flight crews to ensure that operations run smoothly, and to minimize the impact of unscheduled maintenance and technical delays.

Our team of specialists is committed to providing the highest levels of support and services:

  • Maximum fleet availability and serviceability via the production of long and short term maintenance plans
  • Optimum scheduling and availability of an entire aircraft's inventory
  • Development of Engineering Management Software solutions to manage the diverse needs of our customers
  • Conducting time and motion studies in the aviation sector to develop man-hour plans to ensure optimal utilization of human resources
  • Conducting On Job Training (OJT) on approved aircraft types, engines and systems

Avionics Overhaul

PIA's Overhaul Shops offer repair, overhaul modification, testing, and calibration of a range of mechanical, electrical and electronic aircraft components and accessories for Boeing 737, 747 Airbus A300B4, A310, and F-27, including:

  • Analog and Digital Instrumentation
  • Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Components
  • Fuel Measuring and Engine Accessory Components
  • Cabin Furnishing and Passenger Entertainment Units
  • Oxygen and Safety Equipment

Our Avionics Shops are well equipped with the latest testing and overhauling facilities, such as Automated Test Equipment ATEC 6000, ATEC 4000 and the IRS Tester. Our shops provide maintenance support for the following:

  • Electrical Power Generation and Control Systems Equipment
  • Anti Skid Control Systems Components
  • Aircraft Information Management System Components
  • Aircraft Batteries
  • Aircraft Environment Control System Equipment
  • Galley Equipment such as Fridges, Boilers and Ovens
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting System Components
  • Aircraft Engine Ignition, Engine Vibration Monitoring System Components
  • Fuel Control Valves and Fuel Boost Pumps
  • Communication System Components (VHF and UHF)
  • Instrument Landing System Components
  • Navigation System Components and Autopilot System
  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning Systems) Components
  • LRRA (Low Range Radio Altimeter), DME/ATC Transponder System Components
  • Flight Management Computer and Related Components
  • Audio Entertainment Systems
  • Weather Radar Systems
  • Aircraft Pressurizing Components
  • Quantity, Temperature and Pressure Transmitters and Indicators
  • Fuel Quantity Computers
  • Crew Breathing/Oxygen System Components

Our Accessories Overhaul Shops are equipped with modern testing equipment such as test stands from GREER, Bäur of USA, and Vickers System of West Germany for testing hydraulic components. The shops provide support in the following areas:

  • Complete overhaul and repair of landing gears of Airbus A300, A310, B737, F-27 Aircraft
  • Capability and expertise in wheel and brake overhauling for B777, 747, 737 & AIRBUS A300B4/A310 Aircraft
  • Entire range of hydraulic, fuel, oil and miscellaneous systems (mechanical) components ranging from a check valve to the most sophisticated equipment installed on A-310, A300, B747, B737-300 and F-27 aircraft
  • Repair and overhaul of engine fuel accessories such as the MEC for CF6 engine, CIT Sensors, etc.
  • Steering components
  • Repair, overhaul and testing of APU fuel components
  • Repair and overhaul of mechanical, hydromatic and electrical propellers, constant speed units, pitch control units, bleed valve, anti-ice valve, water system components of entire PIA fleet and other propeller accessories.

Cabin Services

At the PIA Engineering Complex, we are committed to defect-free cabins and the spotless appearance of your aircraft. We repair, replace, overhaul, modify and test:

  • Cabin and Crew Seats
  • Survival Equipment
  • Galley
  • Upholstery

In order to maintain our commitment to world-class quality, the PIA Engineering Complex has created a separate division specifically geared to the satisfaction of the modern traveler. This division has been split into three parts to support customer amenity items during short transit checks and long duration heavy "D" and "C" checks.


Aircraft Furnishing

The aircraft furnishing section, located in the Ispahani Hangar, is responsible for customer amenity items that are refurbished during heavy aircraft checks. A large workforce comprised of dedicated, well trained engineers and technicians, are responsible for planning and executing activities that ensure that all customer amenity items are maintained in a top of the line condition.

Full-fledged back shop support consists of a seat shop where all the seats installed on the PIA fleet are maintained, including the cockpit seats of the B-777, B-747-200/300, A-310, A-300, B-737 and the F-27. The aircraft furnishing section also maintains safety items, including life rafts and individual floatation devices on board the aircraft. A plastic repair shop also operates under the management of this section to ensure that plastic repairs are done in-house and that costly turn around times for amenity items are avoided.

Capabilities and Services:

  • Complete cabin refurbishment of all types of aircraft
  • Overhaul of flight safety equipment installed on the PIA fleet
  • Stripping and repainting of interiors and exteriors of aircraft
  • Overhaul of passenger and crew seats, galleys and toilets of aircraft such as Boeing 747-300, Boeing 747-200, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 737-300, Airbus A300B4, Airbus A300B2 and Airbus A310-300
  • Fabrication of galleys for F-27

Aircraft Appearance

Operating under the Line Maintenance division, this section maintains the upkeep and outlook of aircraft exterior and ensures that cabins are always presentable. Dedicated and trained aircraft engineers and technicians, working round-the-clock in three shifts, ensure that amenity items which may be handled in a transit check are taken care of.

Capabilities and Services:

  • Complete cabin items coverage of transit checks for the B-747-200/300, B-777, B-737, A-310, A300 and the F-27
  • Small exterior painting jobs
  • Installation and removal of seat covers
  • Installation and fabrication of toilets
  • Maintenance of safety items

In Flight Entertainment

The In Fight Entertainment (IFE) system is one of the most crucial systems as far as the brand equity of an airline is concerned, since it directly impacts a passengers' comfort during long haul flights. The maintenance of these systems is becoming extremely critical as airlines strive to up the ante in order to maintain a competitive edge in the passenger transport business.

Video On Demand, Internet Access, Satellite Telephony, Interactive Games and In Flight Telephony are the value-added services that airlines are adding to their regular offering of Music and Movies on passenger seats. However this has resulted in IFE systems becoming complex and more expensive to maintain.

Capabilities and Services:

The PIA Engineering Complex has a dedicated team of avionics engineers and technicians who are responsible for installations, modifications, and maintenance of the Matsushita/Panasonic MAS-2000E and MAS-3000 E/I systems. This team works in conjunction with the Base Maintenance teams to ensure that IFE installations and modifications are dealt with during major checks, along with the rest of the modifications, service bulletins and airworthiness directives due on an aircraft. As a result, a PIA Engineering customer gets a comprehensive and economical package deal, as well as a reduction in maintenance time, especially if all these activities were undertaken separately.

PIA Engineering undertakes full IFE checks and minor seat rectification during transit checks in conjunction with the Line Maintenance teams. Aircraft engineers and technicians can undertake full seat electronics box removals, installations and data loading in very short time spans, ensuring that all onboard passengers have an enjoyable flight. The team ensures that operators' transit and turn around checks do not exceed their time limitations. PIA Engineering also has the capability to undertake transit checks for the B-747-200/300, B-777, B-737, A-310 and A300B4 under CAA, Pakistan at its base in Karachi, which is a major regional hub.


Quality Systems

At PIA Engineering, quality is at the heart of everything we do and our commitment to quality empowers us to anticipate our customers' needs. We deliver airworthy aircraft and aircraft components, ensuring the quality of products through our Audit and Reliability programs, in addition to our strong base of Quality Control.

Prior to 2001, the PIA Engineering Complex operated via approvals from FAA (USA) and CAA (UK). PIA Engineering offered maintenance services and engineering assistance to foreign airlines, including Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Libyan Airlines, and Iran Air. The PIA Engineering Complex is also a Civil Aviation Authority - Pakistan Approved Maintenance Organization (MRO).

An audit program supported by computer software has been established to ensure compliance with airworthiness requirements. This software helps to monitor the audit program and can also be used to record and control other aspects of the quality management program such as training, staff distribution and personal licensing.

The PIA Engineering Complex is a Civil Aviation Authority - Pakistan Approved Maintenance Organization (MRO). CAA conduct annual audits of PIA Engineering to ensure that a safe and quality conscious organization is serving the airline industry. PIA is also a member of the IATA Organizational Safety Agency (IOSA), which also conducts regular audits of the PIA Engineering Complex.

Capabilities and Services:

Quality Systems is responsible for a number of activities which include:

  • Monitoring maintenance activities through an approved audit program
  • Personal authorization control and management
  • Conducting technical investigations
  • Acting as a liaison between airworthiness authorities
  • Inspection of incoming aircraft materials and parts
  • Aircraft weighing
  • Monitoring aircraft systems performance and troubleshooting
  • Structural repairs recording, analysis and solution provision
  • Technical records administration and control

Quality Systems also deploys state-of-the-art Non Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities. Techniques such as industrial radiography, ultrasonic crack detection, Eddy Current inspection, radio-isotope and gamma-ray techniques for detecting cracks and irregularities in hidden and inaccessible parts of jet engines and airframe structures are employed. Our inspectors are qualified in accordance with EN4179 to Level II standard.

The Avionics Overhaul section also offers a Spectrograph Laboratory which has a high precision computerized spectrometer for conducting oil analysis to monitor the condition of engines, thereby contributing to flight safety. The equipment is capable of analyzing oil samples from approximately 200 engines, daily. The addition of a Plasma Spectrometer enables the facility to analyze engine oils to a finer degree of up to 0.01 ppm.

With all these services, Quality Systems provides an operator full support and coverage of aviation maintenance services covered by regulatory authorities.


Development Engineering Division

Development Engineers are experts in the evaluation, recommendation, specification and negotiation of aircraft acquisitions. The team monitors projects from inception, through the inspections phase from aircraft assembly, to delivery and acceptance.

Capabilities and Services:

Our highly-trained team of specialists are devoted to providing the best support for:

  • Evaluating and providing recommendations for Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives for aircraft and components
  • Preparation of Work Scopes and the production of Maintenance Task Operating Plans, Maintenance Task Cards, Job Instruction Cards and Work Packages
  • Planning implementations of retrofit programs
  • Engine condition monitoring and advice for engine removal/installation for optimum life
  • APU health monitoring
  • In-house modification developments and implementation in all areas of an aircraft, including cabin, airframe, avionics and engines
  • Maintaining knowledge libraries within PIA Engineering, ensuring that maintenance staff have access to relevant, up-to-date material and information

Flight Simulator Training

The history of PIA's flight simulators dates back to the inception of the airline. Extremely effective for flight crew training, PIA's B707 flight simulator has been used by a number of regional airlines. Until the turn of the century, Air Malta, Alyemda, CAAC, Egypt Air, East African Airlines, Iran Air, Iraq Air, Libyan Air, JAT, Tarom, Saudia, Alia and Pakistan Air Force have utilized PIA's flight simulators for the training of their pilots and crew.

PIA Engineering maintains A310, B747, B743 Flight Simulators for in-house flight crew training and other operators and airlines can also schedule training sessions. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has approved PIA's flight simulators for use in pilot training, and the following services are offered:

  • Transition training
  • Recurrent training
  • Customized training

PIA's simulators can be booked along with PIA's Flight Training Instructors but customers can choose to use their own instructors as well.

Simulator Data

Specifications Full Flight Simulator
Full Flight Simulator
Full Flight Simulator
A310 –300

Basic Engine & Options

Pratt & Whitney JT9D Model 7A

Rolls Royce RB211




Singer Link


Singer Link


Link Miles / Thales, UK


PDP 11/50 –55

SEL Gould 32-77

SEL Gould32-97/80

Motion Control Loading

6DOF Hydrostatic

Analogue Control Loading

6DOF Hydrostatic

Analogue Control Loading

6DOF Hydrostatic

Digital Control Loading






Display Configuration

4 Windows, 3 Channels, Dusk, Night

4 Windows, 3 Channels, Dusk, Night

Six Windows, 4 Channels, Dusk, Night

Date in Service with PIA


June 2006

April 2006


Instructor Operating Station

Single Monitor

Dual Monitors

Double touch screen Monitors


Level - C

CAA Pakistan

Level - C

CAA Pakistan

Level- C

CAA Pakistan

Other Features

A/P FD Sperry


A/P-FD Sperry



FMS Honeywell