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Conditions and Penalties

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Fare Conditions applicable on travel originating from Dammam/ Riyadh to PIA’s International sectors.

The charges mentioned apply to each passenger on the itinerary ( adult, child and/or infant occupying a seat).

These conditions are applicable on regular fares. Special/promotional fares are for limited time periods and may have different fare conditions. Please note that if more than one fare condition is used to arrive at a fare, the most restrictive condition applies for the itinerary.

Booking Changes




(Travel FROM Dammam/Riyadh)


72 hours prior departure

One change is free of charge on entire journey

2nd/subsequent change OR Change within 72 hours of departure

SAR 50




(Travel TO Dammam/Riyadh)


72 hours prior departure

One change is free of charge on entire journey

2nd/subsequent change OR Change within 72 hours of departure

SAR 50



Applicable within four hours of flight departure or after flight departure

Originating Segment

Return Segment

  • Applicable for all classes.
  • Applicable Ex Dammam/Riyadh for all seasons
  • Charges not be applicable if passenger is a no-show ex Dammam/Riyadh due to Immigration Authorities.

SAR 70/-

No Show from Pakistan will be charged at US$ 30 for Business class & US$ 25 for Economy Class.

Ticket Refunds


72 hours Prior flight

Within 72 Hours of flight

Fully Un-used ticket (All seasons and classes)


SAR 50

Half/Partially Used Ticket (i.e one or more segments have been travelled) All Seasons

For Partially utilized ticket – Deduct OW fare & applicable refund charges of SAR 70/-*


*Normal Refund charges will apply only for confirmed bookings. (However, if Y/C class booking is open & pax is on chance, refund charges will not apply).

  1. These Changes will be in addition to any applicable difference of fare that may be due to change of seasonality, booking class or any other reason.
  2. Refund not applicable on remaining flight(s) if ticket is utilized out of sequence.
  3. Charges will be Waived in case of death of passenger (official documents required)
  4. In case reservation change involves more than one sector at a time, change of booking charge will be applicable on the first unutilized segment. E.g. If a Passenger is holding confirmed ticket on Dammam/Riyadh - Islamabad - Dammam/Riyadh and desires to change both Dammam/Riyadh - Islamabad and Islamabad - Dammam/Riyadh reservation at a time, COB will apply only on first segment i.e. Dammam/Riyadh - Islamabad only.
  5. In case a passenger is no-show and require a refund/change of booking then only one penalty/charge, whichever is higher, will be applicable.  

Fare Conditions

Passenger Type


(% of adult fare)

Per Stopover Charges**

Travel/Sales Restrictions

Adult (over 12 yrs)


USD 50


Accompanied Child (2-11 yrs)

25% *

USD 50


Infant with a seat (under 2 yrs)

25% *



Infant without a seat (under 2 yrs)

90% *




* Children Discounts:

Children/infants must be accompanied on all flights by an adult passenger.



1 stopover in Pakistan in each direction is permitted free of charge. Additional stopover will be charged at USD 50