What is Awards + Plus:

Discover a whole new way of flying.

Discover the benefits of enrolling in PIA’s frequent flyer program.

Awards +Plus is a frequent flyer program designed exclusively for PIA travelers. Each time you fly PIA, or use the services of our partners, you can earn A+ miles and become eligible for a range of fantastic offers.

Your A+ Miles can be redeemed for free tickets, excess baggage vouchers, cabin upgrades, and a variety of exciting rewards and special deals.

How it works: 

Earning and redeeming A+ Miles has never been easier

Each time you fly with PIA, you can earn A+ Miles. Provide your A+ Membership Number whilst making a reservation, and your A+ Miles will automatically be credited to your account the moment you are airborne.
That's not all. You can now earn A+ Miles with your feet firmly planted on the ground. All you need to do is keep your A+ Membership card handy when making a purchase from one of our partners to earn A+ Miles.

Membership Tiers

An A+ Membership is your ticket to exclusive benefits and privileges.

Awards +Plus offers three tiers of membership to frequent flyers. The more often you fly PIA, the more A+ Miles you will accumulate, bringing you a step closer to the next tier of membership.
Each tier of membership offers a unique set of benefits and privileges, designed to make your next trip exciting and rewarding.


All new A+ Members are enrolled in the Emerald tier. Become a Member Today and 500 bonus A+ Miles will automatically be credited to your account.


The Sapphire tier takes you to the next level of A+ benefits. To enroll in or maintain Sapphire tier, you will need to accumulate within a calendar year, either 25 trips or 30,000 A+ Miles (Base+Class of service).

Effective from 1st August 2022, A+ Members can move up to the Sapphire tier by paying Pak Rs. 90,000 or US$ 500


As a Diamond tier member, you can enjoy additional and exclusive A+ privileges. To enroll in or maintain Diamond tier, you will need to accumulate within a calendar year, either 50 trips or 70,000 A + Miles (Base+Class of service).

Effective from 1st August 2022, A+ Members can move up to the Diamond tier by paying Pak Rs. 200,000 or US$ 1500. 

Flying PIA has never been so rewarding. Discover the benefits of Awards +Plus today.

Special A+ Features:

The A+ Program comes packed with special features, designed to facilitate your frequent flyer membership.

  • You can earn and redeem A+ miles not just by flying PIA, but also by using the products and services of our partners.
  • If you fall short of A+ Miles when redeeming an award, you can top-up your balance by purchasing A+ Miles to meet the deficit. Terms & Conditions Apply
  • You can conveniently check your A+ Miles status at any time online or by calling 111-786-786.
  • You can instantly redeem A+ Miles,check your balance as well as purchase A+ Miles for redemption from any PIA Booking office,Airport check-in counter & PIA ticketing counter at the Airport.
  • You can now redeem A+ Miles by simply calling 111-786-786 or click redemption request for online redemption of your A+ Miles.
How To Join

The Awards +Plus Programme

Joining Awards +Plus is a simple process and won't take more than a few minutes to complete. You can start enjoying all the privileges and benefits of PIA's premier frequent flyer program as soon as you fill-in the membership enrollment form.