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The ability to lead and manage people effectively is vital in today’s business world.

Management training unit of PIA Training Centre is assigned to train internal trainees in the managerial disciplines through soft skills training, and Mandatory Management Training programs designed as per the requirements for the personnel of all user departments of the corporation.

Our qualified trainers bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight into the subject disciplines. Our approach is professional; methodology is robust which quickly builds confidence among the trainees by incorporating the required set of skills, traits, competencies and characteristics required to meet the day to day challenges in most fascinating and demanding field of aviation.
In addition, seminars and workshops on various topics are also conducted for the internal employees as well as external trainees.

S. No  Title  Duration
Skills Development Courses
1 Executive Development Program 1 Week
Senior Management 1 Week
3 Middle Management 1 Week
4 Junior Management 1 Week
Soft Skills Training for Engineering Personnel 2 Weeks 
6 Instructional Techniques (Foundation) 1 Week
7 Instructional Techniques (Refresher) 1 day/3 days 
  English Language Courses
1 ICAO English Proficiency Assessment 1 day
2 ICAO English Training – Level 3 – 4 3 Weeks
Personality & Grooming
1 Grooming and Personality Development 3 days
Seminars / Workshops
1 Total Quality Management 1 day
2 Personal and Professional Development 1 day
3 Fostering Values and Ethics 1 day
4 Conflict Resolution 1 day
5 Business Communication & Writing Skills 1 day
6 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 1 day
7 Time Management Skills 1 day
8 Problem Solving and Decision Making 1 day
9 Corporate Governance 1 day
10 Leadership Skills 1 day
11 Stress Management 1 day
12 Change Management 1 day
13 Finance for Non-Finance Managers 1 day
14 Customer Care 1 day
15 Emotional Intelligence (E.I) 1 day
16 Team Work 1 day
17 The Art Of Presentation 1 day
18 Negotiation Skills 1 day