Fare Conditions applicable on travel originating from UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham) to Pakistan and to PIA’s International sectors. The charges mentioned apply to each passenger on the itinerary (adult, child and/or infant occupying a seat).

These conditions are applicable on regular fares. Special/promotional fares are for limited time periods and may have different fare conditions. Please note that if more than one fare condition is used to arrive at a fare, the most restrictive condition applies for the itinerary.

Booking Changes and Conditions for Penalties
Economy Class: First change of booking is free in either direction if change is made 07 days prior to flight departure.
Executive Economy Class: First change of booking is free in either direction if change is made 07 days prior to flight departure.
Booking Changes (Before Departure) GBP 100
Booking Changes (After Departure)/ No-show  GBP 110
Refund*  GBP 110
*(In case of partially used ticket, above mentioned refund charges shall apply after deduction of applicable one-way fare)
*Except for tickets booked on RBD V, U & L which are non-refundable after partial utilization.

One stopover is free in each direction of travel in Pakistan. Any subsequent stopover will be charged @ GBP 25 for adult/child

Other Conditions:
  1. Penalty applies per adult and child, infant occupying a seat.
  2. No-Show charges will apply after flight departure.
  3. Charge(s)/Penalty (ies) shall be levied in addition to any applicable difference of fare that may be due to change of seasonality, class of travel or any other reason.
  4. Refund is not allowed if flight coupons are utilized out of sequence.
  5. No charge/penalty apply in case of death of/ medical illness of passenger (official documents/ medical certificate required)
  6. In case a passenger is no-show and require a refund/change of booking then only one penalty/charge, whichever is higher, will be applicable.
  7. Failure to occupy a reserved seat on any segment of the itinerary may result in cancellation of all subsequent segments.
  8. Change of booking charges on international tickets will not be applicable in case of any change in reservation on domestic sector within Pakistan.
Positive Boarding Rules for UK:

To ensure punctuality of flights, all passengers must be at the check-in counters at least 2 hours before departure. Check-in for flights closes 60 minutes before departure, hence please allow time for traffic and other factors when you plan your arrival to the airport. Late passengers are not accepted after flight check-in closure.

All UK Departing passengers must ensure that they reach boarding gates / departure lounges by at least :

  1. 30 minutes before flight departure (Economy Class Passengers)
  2. 20 minutes for premium passengers (Business Class Passengers)

Please do check your boarding card for flight timings and departure gate information, listen out for flight announcements and watch the flight information screens.
Please note that not reaching in time will result in missing the flight and PIA will not be responsible for any refunds / waivers to such passengers.


All PIA tickets issued for travel originating from ex-UK points are governed by above mentioned rules and Pakistan International Airlines reserves the right to change/update/alter / modify the above mentioned rules, conditions and penalties at any time, without any prior notice. By purchasing a ticket or accepting transportation, the passenger agrees to be bound by these terms as Contract of Carriage. In case of any conflict, the airline’s viewpoint shall prevail with respect to the above.

Baggage Allowance:
Route Economy Class Executive Economy Class Excess Baggage charges per KG
Adult/ Child/ Infant with Seat:
UK to Pakistan
40 KG/ 02 Piece 50 KG/ 02 Piece GBP 15/- per kg
(Infant)Without seat:
UK to Pakistan
10 KG 10 KG GBP 15/- per kg
Adult/ Child/ Infant with Seat
UK to Points (Other than Pakistan)
40 KG/ 02 Piece 50 kg/ 02 Piece GBP 15/- per kg
(Infant)Without seat
UK to Points (Other than Pakistan)
10 KG 10 KG GBP 15/- per kg
Adult/ Child
Ex-UK to USA
2 Pieces of 23 Kg (50 lbs.) each 2 Piece of 28 Kg (62 lbs.) each GBP 100/ additional piece of 23 Kg (50 lbs.)
(Infant)Without seat
1 Piece of 10 Kg (22 lbs.) each 1 Piece of 28 Kg (62 lbs.) each GBP 100/ additional piece of 23 Kg (50 lbs.)
Hand Carry
(either direction)
7 KG 7 KG