*Available on select Domestic routes

As a Business Plus passenger, you have premium access to our Business Plus lounges at all International and major Domestic stations, to relax prior to your flight in the serene atmosphere and cozy ambiance. Our hospitable staff ensures that you're well looked after during your stay with us at the airport. These lounges are equipped with the latest magazines and newspapers, Internet access, cable television, and snacks, so you can enjoy the best of Pakistani hospitality in a modern, comfortable environment, while you wait for your next flight.



Business Plus check-in counters, where you receive priority baggage tags as well as priority boarding facilities. You won't have to queue up or worry about handling your baggage as our Check-in staff takes care of everything.


Nobody hates some extra leg space. Our Business Plus seats recline into flatbeds, giving you the perfect snoozing position.


Flavors and aromas change in the cabin environment, so our chefs carefully sample and create the dishes that taste best even at 30,000 feet in the air. You can choose your meal from our menu that promises a tantalizing party for your taste buds.


As a Business Plus passenger, you get extra baggage allowance, so none of your stuff is left behind.

Mishandled Baggage and Lost Baggage Tracking

PIA believes in, and strives to provide its customers with the most convenient service. But despite our efforts, in the rare case of your baggage being mishandled, we regret the inconvenience caused to you and assure you that the PIA Baggage Services, in collaboration with the Worldwide Tracking System, will track, retrieve and deliver* your lost baggage to your doorstep. (The Baggage Home Delivery facility is only available at major stations.)

As soon as you are aware of your baggage getting lost, register a complaint in the Baggage services office at the station of arrival. You will be required to provide your baggage details to the Baggage Service officer who shall enter them into our computerized tracking system and issue you a receipt containing the tracking number and mandatory details of your baggage.

Please ensure that your name, address, and bag details are correct, as this information will facilitate tracking and retrieval, enabling the Baggage service officers to return your baggage to you, as soon as possible.

Through the reference number on your receipt, you can also track your lost baggage yourself through our website.

Wheelchair/Ambulifter Facility

PIA provides wheelchair/ambulifter facility to those old, aged, sick and disabled passengers who require special individual attention during ground handling at airports, on embarking/disembarking. Such passengers are required to furnish a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).