Airline tickets have rules and conditions attached to them which determine the price (fare) of that ticket. When you book a flight with PIA, there will be certain conditions that you must know before (or after) purchasing your ticket, especially those that govern whether your ticket is refundable, whether additional charges will be imposed in case your travel plans change, and what weight of baggage you are allowed to carry.

Different fares (or classes of travel) have different conditions, and they also vary according to your travel itinerary. Be sure to ask your travel or reservations agent about the conditions associated with your booked flight.

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CHINA (Beijing)

CANADA (Toronto)

EUROPE (Paris/ Milan/ Barcelona/ Oslo/ Copenhagen)

JAPAN (Tokyo)

MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur)

OMAN (Muscat)

PAKISTAN (Domestic)

QATAR (Doha)



SAUDI ARABIA (Jeddah/Medina)

SAUDI ARABIA (Riyadh/Dammam)

THAILAND (Bangkok)

UAE (Abu Dhabi)

UAE (Dubai & Sharjah)

UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham) 

Note :

1. Change of booking (COB) is allowed on Web tickets subject to PIA’s terms and conditions.
2. Web-tickets are non-transferable, non-endorsable, non re-routable & non-exchangeable.
3. All un-utilized web tickets are acceptable for refund as per PIA's refund policies (Conditions apply).
4. PIA reserves the right to change/update/alter the above mentioned conditions and penalties at any time, without any notice. In case of any conflict, the airline’s viewpoint shall prevail with respect to the above.

5.If the ticket is not instantly purchased on temporarily held booking made from web or mobile, the price may be subjected to revisions in the same RBD/fare class at the time of ticket purchase due to the dynamic nature of airlines' pricing decisions. In such cases, a new level price will be applied to the ticket issued online.